With Manuel Rozental, Former Deputy Minister of Health, and Witness Radio Executive Producer, Camilo Perez-Bustillo

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Immigration | Global

Humanity’s Unacknowledged Migration Crisis

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Immigration | Migration | The Americas

Book Talk: Central America’s Forgotten History: Revolution, Violence, and the Roots of Migration

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Immigration | United States

A short history of the sanctuary and settlement house movements and the rise of humanitarianism in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Image courtesy of Center for Gender & Refugee Studies and more than 30 national and regional immigrant and refugee rights organizations, community organizers, faith communities, and other advocates that launched the landmark national Welcome With Dignity campaign on May 26, 2021, to transform how the United States welcomes people seeking asylum.

Once upon a time, not too long ago…

the Rio Grande Valley border was porous. Families crossed it regularly, and easily, living binational, bicultural lives. This was the era of “natural migration,” with people coming and going between work and home, and crossing from one country to the other to attend a wedding or to receive specialized medical care. Border Patrol agents ushered familiar folks through the international boundary without checking passports. They opened ports of entry when hands were needed in US fields; then waved the workers southward again, now laden with goods purchased in US stores, when the seasonal harvest was over.

Immigration | United States | Title 42

Fort Bliss is no place for kids!

Photo courtesy of Allan Mestel, Allan Mestel Photography, 2021

Immigration | United States | Asylum

In this launch podcast of Witness Radio, we discuss the inhumane impacts of Title 42 on families and Black asylum seekers

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The time for a paradigmatic shift in how Americans view immigrants and immigration is now

At the #EndMPP Vigil in front of Trump’s kangaroo immigration court in Brownsville, Texas, 12 January 2020. Photo: Sarah Towle

Immigration | United States

His resilience, leadership, loyalty, and smarts will make him an asset to any nation, yet all Trump & Co could see was Brown

Immigration | United States | LGBTQ+

When your choices are persecution, solitary confinement, or going underground, ‘protection’ is prevarication, nada mas

Immigration | United States

Fleeing political persecution only to be persecuted by politics at the US border, this front-line worker finally gets her day in court!

Sarah Towle

London-based US expatriate author sharing her journey from outrage to activism one tale of humanity and heroism at a time: THE FIRST SOLUTION on Medium

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